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It brings out the talents of the people. Television provides a good influence in education by helping to teach right values. Newspapers have a positive influence on society.

Newspapers not only give information or the latest news. They also help in the positive linkage between government and the people. As a people in Malaysia, we need to have a greater concern for the economic and political issues of our country, which we can get from newspapers. Newspapers even help to increase knowledge that we cannot get from books. For example, a girl from Malacca killed herself after falling from a building.

This news was reported by the Star newspaper. Through the news, we know that she died because she injured her head. If we want to know more about what is happening in the world around us, newspapers are a resource to get the daily information.

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On the other hand, mass media can at times have a negative influence. Advertisements can be created to convince people to buy or give support for certain products.

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In addition to advertisements, some messages may have hidden motives. For instance, advertisements may show images of young people enjoying fried chicken, burgers, snacks, and sweet drinks.

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These advertisements of images can have a powerful influence on the young. However, these images do not show or tell viewers that these foods may not be good for their health. Images in the media can have a powerful influence on our behavior. Movies, another form of mass media, today may show violence in one form or another. For instance, younger people may show disrespect or even bully older people.

Images of violence somehow influence individuals and especially the younger generation to think that violence is accepted by society when it is not. Movies can also be used to show sexual images. Such images have a powerful influence on the mind and soul of young people. People who watch these images may be influenced to react in a socially unacceptable or even criminal manner.

He acts as a brilliant thief who steals a large sum of money. He is so smart that nobody can identify who he is. At the end of the story, he is not caught and goes free. This show somehow teaches the younger generation that it is right to steal and be smart they think is right. Magazines display visual images that can deeply influence female readers. Young girls and adult women spend time reading magazines partly or mainly because of fashion trends.

Most of the models in the magazines are tall, slim and have nice hair. In this example, women wanted to slim down to look like the model. They will go on diet until they see some result.

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They will also try to do some medical things that will cause some side effects to their bodies. These types of media images may have a huge impact on society, and may even influence public opinion on how females, especially young girls and women should look. In Gnosticism , divine knowledge or gnosis is hoped to be attained. Paroksh Gyan also spelled Paroksha -Jnana is secondhand knowledge: knowledge obtained from books, hearsay, etc. Pratyaksh Gyan also spelled Pratyaksha-Jnana is the knowledge borne of direct experience, i. It is compared and contrasted with Bhakti Yoga and Karma yoga.

The Qur'an asserts that knowledge comes from God and various hadith encourage the acquisition of knowledge. Muhammad is reported to have said "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave" and "Verily the men of knowledge are the inheritors of the prophets". Islamic scholars, theologians and jurists are often given the title alim , meaning "knowledgeble". Observant Jews recite three times a day in the Amidah "Favor us with knowledge, understanding and discretion that come from you.

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Exalted are you, Existent-One, the gracious giver of knowledge. According to the sociologist Mervin F. Verbit , knowledge may be understood as one of the key components of religiosity. Religious knowledge itself may be broken down into four dimensions:. The content of one's religious knowledge may vary from person to person, as will the degree to which it may occupy the person's mind frequency , the intensity of the knowledge, and the centrality of the information in that religious tradition, or to that individual.

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For the Jason Mraz album, see Know album. For other uses, see Knowledge disambiguation. Familiarity, awareness, or understanding of information or skills acquired through experience or education. Main article: Epistemology. For the Donna Haraway essay, see Situated Knowledges. Archived from the original on Retrieved 3 July Cambridge University Press, , — Each of these definitions is shown to be unsatisfactory. October New Series.

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TOK 2019 Essay Q2 The production of knowledge is always a collaborative task.

Los Angeles Times. However this may lead to problems whenever the topic spills over into those excluded domains — e. It also seems likely that the vexed problem of " infinite regress " can be largely but not completely solved by proper attention to how unconscious concepts are actually developed, both during infantile learning and as inherited "pseudo-transcendentals" inherited from the trial-and-error of previous generations.

See also " Tacit knowledge ". Piaget, J.

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Schools of thought. Mazdakism Zoroastrianism Zurvanism.