Master thesis colloquium

The master thesis colloquium is a regular component of a master thesis at our institute and consists of a preliminary discussion of the topic, a discussion of the compulsory project outline after weeks, ongoing assistance by a research and teaching assistant as well as feedback. The room and time are determined by agreement.

Doctoral / Master Colloquium

Compulsory project outline and preliminary discussion after weeks : It is compulsory to provide a project outline for your master thesis during the first weeks. They can apply numerical methods to solve initial value problems and boundary value problems. The students know and can apply the theory for solving systems of linear differential equations.

They understand the fundamentals of the theory of partial differential equations. The students have acquired knowledge about the technical possibilities and practical implementation problems in the transistion from conventional to renewable energy supply systems by intensifying their methodological knowledge. They are able to systematically apply the acquired abilities and knowledge in the profession. The students acquire complementary skills as well as profound knowledge in the selected fields:. List of Elective Modules.

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The students expand their practice-oriented interdisciplinary knowledge in relation to related engineering or economics, deepen their knowledge in the field of electrical engineering or computer science based on their bachelor's degree or deepen their language skills, depending on the current range of elective modules and the interests of the students. The students are well versed in organisational and statistical methods to implement and maintain quality management systems in organisations with reference to automotive industry. Methods and concepts of quality management in automotive industry can be applied.

Especially the zero defects objective will be focused.

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The students have the ability, to implement the requirements of the applicable quality standard in its current issue. Students should acquire well founded system theoretical knowledge, i. The students have established understanding for the necessity of sustainable development from global to mircoeconomic level. They appreciate the relationships between the greenhouse effect, climate change and resulting international conventions and agreements.

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They are well-informed about the state and problems of the German energy transition process, emissions trade, environmental management systems and ways to increase the efficiency of energy conversions, energy saving and integration of all types of renewable enrgy. In particular, the candidates demonstrate with this work that they have deepend theoretical knowlwedge beyond the professional knowledge acquired during the initial professional studies.

Registration regulations for the final part of studies

By means of the special area treated in the Master Thesis, they demonstrate that they are able to solve complex tasks. They can formulate new interdisciplinary solution approaches that go beyond the current konwledge. The Master's Thesis shows that the students have broad analytical skills and can implement their knowledge in problem solving independently.

Guidelines MSc Thesis

Students apply their skills to recognize trends in the engineering sciences as well as future problems and requirements and can include them target-oriented in their activities. The students apply the knowlwedge acquired in their first degree of studies or in the modules taken so far in their present course od studies to solve practical problems in a company.

They acquire professional skills and knowlwedge and get acquainted with subject-specific problems and tasks from their future fields of activity. As part of a project work, in addition to technical competence, methodological and personnel skills are acquired. The students acquire the ability to independently work on a larger project, to organize themselves and their projects, and to deal appropriately with criticism and conflicts in a team.

ECTS make is possible to compare and recognise study achievements, for example if you want to transfer to or from another university. Upon request, additional modules from the pool of "Interdisciplinary Qualifications" can be selected from other master programs of either the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Download the latest Curriculum for the 3-Semester Master's Program. Download the latest Curriculum for the 4-Semester Master's Program with practical semester. Download the latest Curriculum for the 4-Semester Master's Program without practical semester.

Master Thesis, Master Project and Colloquium |

Curriculum 3 semesters. Curriculum 4 semesters with practical semester.

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Curriculum 4 semesters without practical semester. After the lectures and the lab tests, you feel like putting your knowledge and practical skills to the test. Then sign up for our racing teams! The literature and other resources used must be provided in full. Places taken literally or in accordance with the literature shall be identified by stating the source.

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The electronic version must be verifiable for plagiarism. The time of handing in is kept on file. When submitting the Master's thesis, students must ensure in writing that they have written their thesis independently and that they have not used any other sources and aids than those indicated, and that they have not submitted the thesis to any other examination authority, either so far or at the same time. If the Master's thesis has been passed, a public final colloquium will take place as an oral examination in which the student, the supervisor of the Master's thesis and a second examiner will take part.

In this colloquium, the student has to present the results of his or her work, classify them in a larger context and defend them against critical objections. The colloquium lasts about 25 minutes.

Bachelor Informatik / Information Engineering

Emphasis of the grade for the final grade: Regeln die Bestimmungen des entsprechenden Studiengangs. Contents of the module: The Master's thesis deals with a scientific question from an industry or function-specific area of business administration or economics. It can also include a practice-oriented application project. Teaching and learning methods: Own empirical or deductive scientific work. Literature compulsory reading, recommended literature : Individual case dependent.