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We help you get published whether you are submitting a manuscript for the first time or need to polish a revised submission.

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Whether you are submitting a — word abstract or a 50, — word thesis, our team specializes in language polishing and will carefully correct any errors in spelling, grammar, and word choice. After our work is completed, the language in your paper will be of publication quality.

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Our editors are native English speakers and writers. We will ensure that your writing is not only technically correct but has the right voice and style. Your writing will never sound awkward after we edit it. Improving the voice of your manuscript will help ensure you get accepted and published faster.

American Proofreading Center is the gold standard in editing quality and accuracy.

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Our editors have years of experience editing manuscripts for publication. We use our expert knowledge of grammatical rules, our refined sense of style and voice, and a keen eye for detail to make your manuscript publication-ready.

We keep our operating costs low and our prices affordable to more faculty and students by working via a virtual office and cloud-based operations. What is the importance of proofreading and editing in a thesis?

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In fact, proofreading and editing are necessary for a good written message in a thesis. Proofreading and editing are crucial before submission of a thesis as minor errors might be presented. Proofreading and editing comprise the last examining or checking the manuscript content deeply or multiple times to ensure there are absolutely no mistakes in style and format, typography, punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure problem, or even incorrect use of regional English such as American English or British English when necessary before submitting your thesis.

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It may be difficult to spot the smallest errors by your own as you are often so aware of the text that you see. Submit Payment If you accept the quotation, please make the payment. Receive Corrected Manuscript The corrected manuscript will be delivered to you on or before the specific deadline. After Sales Service Feel free to reach us again if you have any remarks or doubts regarding your manuscript.

The thesis proofreading rates are RM 0. What about our delivery time? We do not believe in hasty work as our main goal is to deliver premium services that meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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We offer 4 packages for delivery time in order for you to select the right one that sounds economical to you. Please refer the following details to know more about our proofreading rates per word :. Service rate based on word count is much more accurate, lie-proof, and solid facts compared to page count and duration count.

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  • What types of editing can we help you with?.

Service rate based on page count is imprecise as some pages only have a few words, probably full with charts, figures, or tables, and some may even be blank. Besides, different font, font size, line and paragraph spacing in the content make the rate become more complex and inaccurate. Then, you need to change back to the format that you want, which is so tedious, time-consuming, and may create more errors.