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She loves helping students and academics all over the world improve their writing and learning about their research while doing so! Other students also liked. This guide cover both citing systems and provides citation examples for websites, books and …. How to use footnotes and endnotes Footnotes can be a form of citation or can provide additional information. Read how to insert and format footnotes in Word.

How to quote sources When you quote a source, you have to intoduce the quote, enclose the quote in quotation marks, and correctly cite the original author s. Comment or ask a question. Add comment. Author or publisher author is preferred if available. University of Amsterdam. Author surname or publisher , year of publication or last update.

Author surname first name or publisher. Year of publication or last update. Author first name author surname , Title of work Place of publication : publisher , year of publication , page number s. Author surname, author first name. Title of work. If there is no personal author, start with the page title or site sponsor.

If there is no last modified date, use n. DeSilver, Drew. Last modified October 10, Human Rights Campaign. Blog posts and comments are generally cited in the running text and omitted from the reference list.

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If a reference list entry is needed, follow the example below. If the blog has the word "blog" as part of its name, " blog " should not be included in the citation. If the blog is a part of a larger publication, include that title, too. Stewart, Jenell. Reacting to the Obergefell v. Hodges decision, Obama tweeted, "Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else.

If you cite an account frequently or an extensive thread, use the format below for the reference list. Direct or private messages shared through social media are treated as personal communication see COMS , Use the screen name in the author position if there is no real name. If you have already fully quoted the text of the post, that element is not needed in the note.

If relevant, include media type photo, video, etc. While you should always cite the format you used, the original date of the work, if known, should be privileged in the citation.

Composer Last Name, First Name. Place: Publisher. Johnson, Charles L. Jasen, Mineola, NY: Dover Publications. Original Release Year.

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Album Title. Director First Name Last Name, dir. Original Film Release Year. Film Title. Scott, Ridley, dir. For more information see: Chicago Manual of Style , 1 4.

The format of citations depends on the information available. Generally, include details about the original published source if applicable and details related to the digitized copy such as source type, length, and where it is posted. See the two examples of format below. Video Title. Original Production Company. From Provider of Online Video. Source Type, Running Time. Digitizing Organization.

Original Year. From Original Performance or Source Date. Federal Civil Defense Administration. Duck and Cover. Archer Productions. From Internet Archive, Prelinger Archives. MPEG video, John F.

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Kennedy Library Foundation. From televised debate September 26, Director Last Name, First Name, dir. Year aired. TV Show Title. Medium or URL for online access. Silberling, Brad, dir. Jane the Virgin. Season 1, episode 1, "Chapter One. Images are usually not included in the reference list.

How to Cite a Report in Chicago/Turabian

In the running text or caption indicate the artist, year the work was created, title of the work, and where it is located. If you are using just a few documents, cite them in the running text using the legal citation form recommended in The Chicago Manual of Style , Never use two note numbers at the end of a sentence.

Do not use bold or large size font for the heading. Be sure to use proper formatting - note and bibliography styles are different. Use a "hanging indent" - the first line of the citation begins at the margin, subsequent lines are indented. If your source has no author, alphabetize by title within the authors - don't make a separate list.

Don't separate primary and secondary sources unless your teacher requests it. Watch out for these common errors: Note format uses first name last name, bibliography uses last name, first name. In your notes, do not reuse numbers! Each citation gets a new number. Pay attention to indents.

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Notes use a first line indent, a bibliography uses a hanging indent. A bibliography goes in alphabetical order by author or title if there is no author. Notes are numbered and are listed in the order the sources are used. Citation checklist Do you want to be sure you've formatted your research paper correctly?

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